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The City of New York is the most marvelous exemplification of those traits of the American people which have made the United States of to-day. Interest in New York does not lie in the mere magnitude of the city, but is found rather in the bound-less enterprise, the bold conception and the amazing achievement, which have reared the mighty fabric of the Metropolis. The theme is one which might well challenge the pen of him who would celebrate the America of the beginning of the Twentieth Century.


  • Grant´s Tomb GRANT'S TOMB, on Riverside Drive at 123d street, occupies a commanding site overlooking the Hudson, and is itself a conspicuous object in the river views. It was designed by John H. Duncan, and is constructed of white granite from Maine, with white marble interior.
  • The Egyptian Obelisk THE EGYPTIAN OBELISK is the object in the Central Park which-many of us will esteem the one thing best worth seeing. Here we are face to face with antiquity.
  • Grace Church GRACE CHURCH, set in the bend at Tenth street and closing the vista from the south, is one of the most familiar and most highly cherished of the landmarks of Broadway. It is a beautiful structure of white limestone, with marble spire, in the Decorated Gothic, and was designed by James Renwick, the architect of St. Patrick's Cathedral.
  • The Statue of Liberty The statue of liberty is the work of the eminent French sculptor, Auguste Bartholdi, who in 1865 conceived the idea of a fitting memorial to be given by the French people to the United States in commemoration of the long-established good will between the two nations.
  • St. Pauls Chapel St. Paul's Chapel is a cherished relic of Colonial days. Built in 1766 as a chapel of Trinity Parish, it is the only church edifice which has been preserved from the pre-Revolutionary period. After the burning of Trinity in 1776, St. Paul's became the parish church.
  • St. Patricks Cathedral ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL. is the largest and most beautiful church edifice in America, and holds high rank as an example of decorated and geometric style of Gothic architecture to which belong the cathedrals of Rheims, Amiens and Cologne, on the Continent; and the naves of York, Westminster and Exeter in England.
  • Manhattan below Wall Street. This is an index of the City buildings and sculptures of artistic and historical importance in Manhattan bellow Wall Street.
  • 42 street to 59 street. List of the City buildings and sculptures of artistic and historical importance between 42 st and 59 st.





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