Brooklyn one of the five boroughs of New York City.Information for tourist and events for Brooklyn, New York.    
The City of New York is the most marvelous exemplification of those traits of the American people which have made the United States of to-day. Interest in New York does not lie in the mere magnitude of the city, but is found rather in the bound-less enterprise, the bold conception and the amazing achievement, which have reared the mighty fabric of the Metropolis. The theme is one which might well challenge the pen of him who would celebrate the America of the beginning of the Twentieth Century.



  • Brooklyn Facts and Description. Brooklyn is the second Borough in importance of the Boroughs that make up Greater New York, and is said now to slightly exceed Manhattan in the actual number of residents. It has certainly grown tremendously in the last years and has a larger physical area. It is essentially a city of homes. Most of its people have business in New York.
  • The Brooklyn Museum The Brooklyn Museum is situated at Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue, near the main entrance to Prospect Park, and may be reached from New York by subway. The collections are provided by the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.
  • New York and Brooklyn Bridges THE NEW YORK AND BROOKLYN BRIDGE, which spans the East River, connecting the Boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, has its Manhattan terminal at the City Hall Park.
  • Brooklyn botanical garden The Brooklyn Botanic Garden was established in 1910 as a Department of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. Its object is the advancement and diffusion of a knowledge and love of plants.



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