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The City of New York is the most marvelous exemplification of those traits of the American people which have made the United States of to-day. Interest in New York does not lie in the mere magnitude of the city, but is found rather in the bound-less enterprise, the bold conception and the amazing achievement, which have reared the mighty fabric of the Metropolis. The theme is one which might well challenge the pen of him who would celebrate the America of the beginning of the Twentieth Century.


  • New York City The Metropolis New York City Travel is a tourist guide to visit attractions and historical places by reading timeless decriptions of landmarks and events that forged this great metropolis and island called Manhattan.
  • Tourism in New York City. There is no other city in the world in which it is so easy to get around for tourism, as New York. If you will get the points of the compass fixed in your mind at the start, it will help you greatly to move around New York City.
  • The city of New York The City of New York consists of five separate Boroughs. What was formerly known as New York is now called the Borough of Manhattan. It occupies the whole of Manhattan Island.
  • New York Hotels New York has hotels of the first class, with rooms for guests. There are as many smaller hotels. There are other accommodations at all sorts of prices, and if the length of your stay is at all dependent upon your pocketbook you can arrange accordingly. Some hotels include meals with the price of the room.
  • A Guide to the Works of Art in New York. This "Guide to the Works of Art in New York City" has been compiled with data from art works in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Art Commission of the City, the Municipal Art Society, and the West 156th Street group of societies.
  • Main Touristic Routes in Manhattan. A popular and much more comfortable way to see the city is by means of one of the numerous sightseeing buses. There are several companies with starting points at convenient places, and the points of interest they have selected are the result of close acquaintance with the city. There are two routes generally selected—one through the lower part of the city below 23rd Street, and the other north, or uptown.




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