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Beyond, in the small hall, are most interesting old Italian frescoes of the XVth and XVIth centuries, such as are seldom seen outside of Italy.

These are done on plaster and have mainly been cut from facades of houses.

In the last room hangs the "Madonna Enthroned" (ill. no. 36) by Bernardino Luini (1475?-1533), which dominates the long vista from the Dome Room. It is one of the world's great pictures and in excellent condition.

Returning to the elevator, descend past the second floor, which contains exhibits of natural history, to the first floor. Here the Avery collection of Chinese cloisonnes is opposite the elevator.

The collection is the most remarkable one on public exhibition in the Western world as regards the quality, number, and average size of the exhibits. The colossal incense burner in the form of a conventional lion (ill. no. 38) and a temple shrine are of special interest. There is also a dog cage from the Imperial Palace and statues of an Empress and of a Lady in Waiting.

The chief works of interest in the American sculpture galleries 5, 6, and the corridor of A, are the marble replica of the "Dancing Figure" by Pratt from the central panel of the frieze on the Boston Opera House; "Christ and St. John in the Cornfields," by Partridge; "Venus and Adonis," and a marble replica of the "Bacchante" by MacMonnies.

In this central section the Barye bronzes are found, one of the most important collections of this artist's work, both in numbers and in the excellence of its specimens.



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